Dutasteride for Male Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Dutasteride hair loss treatment pill

What is Dutasteride?

Dutasteride, sold under the brand name Avodart among others, is a medication primarily used to treat the symptoms of a benign prostatic hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate not associated with cancer. A few months may be required before benefits occur. Dutasteride is also used to treat hair loss. 

Studies have found that dutasteride is more effective at treating male pattern baldness. This medication is not only shown to be potentially more effective at treating hair loss but also shows the same rate and types of negative side-effects as finasteride.

How does Dutasteride treat hair loss?

Dutasteride works against hair loss by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The result is that dutasteride increases both estrogen and testosterone levels, but the increases that occur are within normal physiologic range. This potent medication works in a similar to its counterpart, finasteride. 

How effective is Dutasteride for hair loss?

Dutasteride does not cure or fully reverse hair loss, but, taken regularly, it can help reduce the effects of hair fall, and support the function of hair growth. It is regarded as a hair loss prevention treatment.

Avodart Dutasteride tablets

A study found that a 5mg per day dose of dutasteride reduced DHT levels considerably, similar again to finasteride's effect when used at the same dosage. Dutasteride has the capacity to be relatively effective in around 85% of male users. 

What are the negative side-effects of Dutasteride?

Dutasteride does come with the risk of negative side-effects, some of which can be very severe and long term. Some of the most common negative side-effects reported from using dutasteride are; headaches, dizziness, fatigue, skin rash, erectile dysfunction, impotency, low libido, depression, feminisation, and breast swelling. Some of the side-effects will continue even if you come of the treatment.

Like with any medication, caution is advised.   

Is Dutasteride expensive?

Dutasteride is not an expensive treatment. You can pay around £25 per month for the treatment, however, it is ongoing, so the price would add up in the long term.

Should you try Dutasteride?

Dutasteride is a treatment that could be considered if you are experiencing early stages of hair loss, caused by androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

If you are expecting a miracle treatment for hair loss, then you will not find it in dutasteride. Results are usually minimal, and the negative side-effects are a risk. If you are looking to avoid the negative side-effects, then safer alternatives are available.